Most couples we photograph have never been married. They will  have a limited amount of knowledge on what will happen throughout their photography process. This is why we create a wedding photography guideline.

On your wedding day you will have your own timeline of events that will take place.  This walk through is one of the most common scenarios:

Getting Ready:

We always give ourselves enough time to shoot getting ready details such as shoes, jewelry, the dress, cuff links, makeup being done, etc... We don’t want you to feel rushed. This helps the makeup artists, hair stylists, Mom, and bridesmaids know when they need to be done, dressed, and ready (and gives us a cushion if they are running late). This allows the bride to relax while she puts on her dress, slips on jewelry, hugs her mom, and laughs with her bridesmaids. 

First Look:

The first look is a trend that is growing rapidly and it is something we encourage all of our couples to shoot. The first look is a shoot after you get ready and before the ceremony where the couple see each other for the first time in wedding attire. The shoot is very intimate to the couples.

The photographers will be there to capture their first look. There are often a lot of tears (which is great for your images!)

We prefer doing these shoots because it captures that special moment betwen the two of you before the big event


Ceremonies usually take place after the first look. This is it... No turning back now!


After the ceremony most couples schedule a portrait shoot with the wedding party & families. This is also the time when most couples have their cocktail hour.  If there are more than one photographers, one will be shooting portraits & the other will be shooting cocktail hour so we don't miss any moments.


Most receptions will consist of the following: Couple’s grand entrance, first dance, food, toasts, bouquet & garter toss, dancing, etc. We will be there for it all!

The Couple Exit:

The exit is another event we highly encourage & is often forgotten. It not only marks the end of a great wedding, but the beginning of your new lives together. These images make for a great finishing touch to your album or slideshow.

After your wedding is where our work really begins!

We will edit all of the images from your wedding and set them up on a great online gallery for your friends and family to see. From this gallery, you will pick the images that you want printed. Also, if you ordered an album, we will go through the design process together.

We offer a virtually unlimited selection of albums and books, for displaying your wedding images

Echo Album: Our primary selections are coffee table books (flexible art book style pages with a custom graphic-designed layout and photo cover), flush mount books. Create a photo cover from your favorite image and combine it with our album pages for a modern heirloom. Album pages are handmade with flush mounted photographic prints.

Sierra Album: Sierra is the heart of our new couture collection. Sierra epitomizes modern allure with its supple black leather, rounded spine and show-stopping metal cover. Album pages are handmade with flush-mounted photographic prints. These thick, rigid pages are traditional elegance and substance.

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