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“It has been exciting 10 years since we jumped into the wedding photography & Video, and we believe that it is the most exciting and meaningful occupation. It’s not just documenting the event or capturing important moments, it is our team becoming part of your special day with your friends and families.

Our goal is let you to have the time of your life, when we are being at your wedding as a talented photographers and videographers helpful friend. Our team will constantly seek the opportunities and moments for the great photography, while we take personal care of you throughout the wedding to make sure it is the most relaxing, exciting and reliable day.”


is our passion. More than service, we understand it as our devotion seen through the prism of many years of professional work. We put our talent and skills to deliver stunning images to you and your loved ones.


We know your wedding has planned long before your wedding day. For us it is very important to work together on your timeline of the special day. You will have not only enough time for taking great photos & Video, but also to be relaxed and stress free.


Preparing wedding can require research and study. In at our office, we are like a family. We share with you not only passion in photography & video but also our ideas and reference for your wedding preparation.


Our second shooters are experienced wedding photographers who we can trust. Our assistants are our right-hand men that we have trained. We alway work as well fit orchestra. We can do that because we know and trust each other.


Any time, anywhere. You can share your password protected online gallery to your friends and families for instant access. They can order prints and products directly from the system.

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